Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Inversed in the upness
The scissors cut my long hair
With interconnected webs of life long beyond
Where I am
Stuck in
Changing from one to the other
Going out to begin to be in

The sky is there all night long
The shining through my windows
makes me believe I am not dreaming
Differently our eyes burn
We can’t believe our eyes
Sun to moon, moon to sun
The air disappears and the nostalgia fills in my blood

I abide and wait gently
For the moment to pass
For normalcy to return
For the magic to replace my surrender

Surrender my magic
Return to normal
Pass the moment by gently abiding, believing
Moon to sun, sun to moon

My eyes burn in the deity of the bright day
I awake on the earth
Going in to begin again
Retracing the web

Interconnected to my downness into the ground
Into the Earth, to the moon, to the sun,
In a straight line my long hair dresses the earth

-ellie leonhardt