Monday, June 14, 2010

Joanna Mendel Shaw's Performance in Texas!


Texas Hillside
A photo essay

OX Ranch
Aubrey, Texas
May 2010

Trail at EA
Photo, Andi Bedner

On May 29th we premiered a 50-minute piece for 6 riders and their horses, 3 Texas dancers and our company joined by two guest dancerss.

The Riders and Horses
Susannah Cord (Gainesville, TX) on Gypsy King and Gusto
Kris Fulwiler (Green Bay, WI) on Wouter
Jackie Redish (Whitesboro, TX) on Sparkey
Jeannette Wright (Aubrey, TX) on Rasa
Caren Ruthven (Whitesboro, TX) on Twilight
Kenny Partlow-Shelton (Fort Worth, TX) on Turbo
Trail at EA
Photo, Janet Johns

The Dancers
The Equus Projects Dancers ~ Marcel Dou, Laurence Martin, Rebekah Morin
Guest Dancers/ NYC ~ Tal Adler, Kylee Maupoux-Moats
Guest Dancers/ Texas ~ Andrea Burghart, Whitney Boomer, Amie Davis

Photo, Terri Cage

The piece begins with a solo for Tal Adler that created a choreographic bridge between task and dancing. Tal's tossed stick invited an unexpected addition to the cast, the Jack Russell, Tipper!


Photos, Terri Cage

From behind a hillside stand of trees, a line of women enter all dressed in red evening gowns.
Photo, Terri Cage

Horses and dancers create patterns on the hillside, concluding with a solo for Laurence and Susannah on Gusto.
Trail at EA
Photo, Terri Cage

Photo, Terri Cage

Enter the men, fully engaged in alpha negotiation.
Photo, Andi Bedner

Photo, Andi Bedner

Photo, Terri Cage

One of our favorite sections is the bunji cord Round Pen with Kris Fulwiler's Freisian horse, Wouter.
Photo, Janet Johns

Trail at EA
Photo, Terri Cage

Our friend, Cirque du Soliel performer Kylee Moats, added fantastic physical feats to to our movement palette!
Trail at EA
Photo, Janet Johns

Our Finale was a running pattern that traversed the hillside, ultimately drawing the horses into the water !
Photo, Janet Johns

Photo, Andi Bednar

Our bow took place in the sand pit.

Huge Thanks to ~
Our fabulous equestrians and their horse
Our amazing Texas dancers
Jeannette & Lance Wright
Mardi & Scott Farrier
Ken Shelton & Family
Susy Wilbanks, Janet Johns,
Mary Williford-Shade, Sarah Gamblin, TWU Dance Department, NTU Dance Department, Ellie Leonardht, Kristen McCurdy, Patricio

Our awesome Equus Projects' On Site Coordinator, Kristen Schifferdecker.

All of these amazing collaborators made the making of Texas Hillside possible !