Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Audience feedback from my new dance presented at DNA

These are comments from the audience at the premier of my new solo "Caught. Catching" at Dance New Amsterdam in NYC on 9/18.

"In the first section you looked like someone caught in a rainstorm, unsure of where to find shelter. The "ding" element to the music was synced well to your movements. When I saw your face on the screen, it was jarring an broke an illusion, or mirrored your physical presence, in a way, but I interpreted it as you thinking about your self."

"Precision is awesome = sound and movement, the little "tings" that match your action. More of this! Screen images are interesting but too much white space. I really like the moments when you face the audience. Great use of space and floor."

"Human movements to non-human sounds. Snooze button: in and out, off and on. White noise."

"Reminded me of sad/painful memories one would try to leave behind, but maybe that is just me. I liked the rain sound/image... it had some comfort in it..."

"The precise starts and stops of motion with the light/sound of light and the chime stood out and was so impressive. I could see more of those in the piece."

"Very intriguing- Was curious to see more on the screen so it kept my attention. The soft rain sound with the bell sound was unique."

"What's the connection between the screen and the dress? Really like the light and music noise."

"Alone in personal storm. Moments of stillness/reflection. Rich/vibrant. Made me want to breathe deeply to feel the moisture in air."

"I enjoyed when the images on the screen were more faint, ghostly. The beginning of the piece reminded me of a storm at sea, someone trying to gain control. The dress for me was reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz. I don't know why you left the stage at the end. I liked the interaction of the dancer and the sound/images person."